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TRR: Episode 27, “The Emerald Isle”

In this episode, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we take a short journey to the Emerald Isle herself, Ireland.

“The Wearing of the Green” by Anonymous
“The Harp” (1840) by Anonymous, from “The Irish Penny Journal”
“Rain Song” and “Irish Idyl” from “Sprays of Shamrock” (1914) by Clinton Scollard
“The Leprechawn” and “The Banshee” from “Irish Wonders” (1888) by D.R. McAnally, Jr.
“The Faires’ Dancing Place” by William Carleton
“The New Life in Ireland” from “Just Irish” (1911) by Charles Battell Loomis
“The Green Little Shamrock of Ireland” by Andrew Curry

The Reader

TRT: 28:19

The musical accompaniment for the show is provided through the kind generosity of Incompetech.com and Archive.org. “Though the Last Glimpse of Erin” performed by Michael J. O’Donnell.