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TRR: Episode 72, “A Bundle of Letters From Over the Sea”

The lost art of letter writing is the subject of this week’s show, as we share a letter about the first leg of a tour of Europe.

In the letter, the author describes a transatlantic crossing aboard the RMS Etruria, a real vessel.

“A Bundle of Letters From Over the Sea” (1890) by Louise B. Robinson

The Reader

TRT: 20:01

The musical accompaniment for the show is provided through the kind generosity of Incompetech.com.

TRR: Halloween 2015 Extra

While you are planning your trick-or-treat campaign, enjoy this little mallowcream sweet from Carl Sandburg.

“Theme in Yellow” by Carl Sandburg

Happy Hallowe’en!

The Reader

TRR: Halloween 2015 Extra
TRT: 01:45