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TRR: Episode 26, “The Great White North”

Our neighbor to the North, Canada, is the subject of this week’s show. Specifically, immigration to that proud and native land. Starting in the early 19th Century, a great wave of immigrants made their way to the Dominion to start a new life in a land of promise and opportunity lacking in Britain and Europe. Many guidebooks were available for the new prospective citizen of Canada, from which we share a small selection.

“Pictures of Canadian Life” (1886) by J. Ewing Richie
“The Great Dominion” from “Peeps at Many Lands: Canada” (1909) by J.T Bealby
“Canada and the British Immigrant” (1914) by Emily P. Weaver
“Fifty Below Zero” from “Peeps at Many Lands: Canada” (1909) by J.T Bealby
“O, Canada” (1908) By Robert Stanley Weir

The Reader

TRT: 26:47

The musical accompaniment for the show is provided through the kind generosity of Incompetech.com, Archive.org, and Librivox.org. “O, Canada” performed by Christiane Levesque.