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TRR: Episode 9, “The Empty House”

As a special Hallowe’en offering for you, we present an extended episode consisting solely of a short ghost story by Algernon Blackwood. The spookfest in question is Blackwood’s “The Empty House,” which he penned in 1906. Blackwood was one of the most prolific supernatural writers of the early 20th Century, though he did explore other genres and subjects, as well as many mainstream essays and articles for newspapers and magazines. In fact, Blackwood wrote so many things, there is no official count of his individual works, and Blackwood himself had no idea just how many things he had actually authored.

“The Empty House” (1906) by Algernon Blackwood

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I hope you all enjoy a happy and safe Hallowe’en.

The Reader

TRR: Episode 9 “The Empty House”
TRT: 48:08

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