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TRR: Episode 8, “High Atop Olympus”

Come along as we spend a short visit high upon Mount Olympus, there to dine on nectar and ambrosia.

“Jupiter and His Mighty Company” from “Old Greek Stories” by James Baldwin
“Olympus” an excerpt from “Aunt Charlotte’s Stories of Greek History” by Charlotte M. Yonge
“Bacchanal” from “Love, Worship and Death” by Sir Rennall Rodd (1916)
“Icarus and Daedalus” from “Old Greek Folk Stories Told Anew” by Josephine Preston Peabody (1897)

The Reader  

TRR: Episode 8, “High Atop Olympus”
TRT: 22:23

The musical accompaniment for the show is provided through the kind generosity of Incompetech.com.