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TRR: Episode 48, “My Summers in New England”

Sara Willis was one of the most popular and successful newspaper columnists of her time. She was born into a family of publishers, but when her older brother refused to print any of her work in the Home Journal magazine that he published, she worked under a pen name to make her own way at writing. She liked her pen name, Fanny Fern, so much, she adopted it as her own in all facets of her life. Nathaniel Hawthorne admired her zest, and she defended Walt Whitman’s “Leaves of Grass” against unappreciative critics of the time. In this episode, we hear excerpts from one of her essays on the benefits of New England life.

“My Summers in New England” (1868) by Fanny Fern

The Reader

TRT: 24:26

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