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TRR: Episode 24, “Celestial Visitors”

Comets, once poetically (though inaccurately), called “wandering stars,” have had a profound impact upon the history of our world and its civilizations. In this episode, we take a look at early theories of what a comet was made of, where they came from, and their purpose in the minds of people generations before the Rosetta probe and its Philae lander.

“Aether and Gravitation” (1903) by William George Hooper
“Comets and Meteors” (1873) by Daniel Kirkwood
“The Comet” by Irving Sidney Dix
A quotation of Mark Twain (1909)
“The Story of the Solar System” (1895) by George F. Chambers
“Could a Comet Strike the Earth?” from “Ragnarok: The Age of Fire and Gravel” (1883) by Ignatius Donnelly
“The Song of a Comet” by Clark Ashton Smith

The Reader
TRT: 28:56

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