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TRR: Episode 18, “Dots & Dashes (Part 1)”

Dots and dashes, the language of telegraphy, and later, what became known as wireless. In this episode, we try our hand at the sending key of the original method of sending an e-mail (an electronic mailing), as we explore the world of the telegraph, its origin, and its effect upon the world.

“A Story of the Telegraph” (1905) by John Murray
“Heroes of the Telegraph” (1891) by J. Munro
“Great Inventions and Discoveries” (1911) by Willis Duff Piercy
“The Romance of Modern Invention” (1907) by Archibald Adams
“Along the Smooth and Slender Wires” (1848) by Unknown

The Reader

TRR: Episode 18, “Dots & Dashes (Part 1)”
TRT: 21:49

The musical accompaniment for the show is provided through the kind generosity of Incompetech.com.