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TRR: Episode 44, “The Election of 1936”

“The more things change, the more they stay the same.” That old saying was never more true than it is in our national politics. For example, the Presidential election of 2016 is strikingly similar to the election of 1936. The rhetoric, the partisanship, the demonization of candidates, the issues of class, fear, and frustration, are at heart not so different. As you listen, keep that old adage in mind and ask yourself, how much, really, have things changed after eighty years?

Selections from the essay “We and I” (1936) by Malcom W. Bingay
An excerpt of John Hamilton’s speech to the GOP convention
“On the Eve of the Election” from “Speaking of Change” (1939) by Edward A. Filene

The Reader

TRT: 35:47

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