TRR: Episode 16, “Christmastime is Here”

As the old song says, “Christmastime is here.” In this, the second half of our Christmas celebration, we offer you a small array of stocking-stuffers and candy canes for your holiday enjoyment.

“The Overture” by H.S. Armstrong (1869)
“A Ballad of Santa Claus” by Henry Van Dyke (1907)
“Bells of Christmas” (1913) by The Edison Concert Band & Chorus
“Old Thoughts for Christmas” by Christopher Morley
“Under the Mistletoe” by George Francis Shults
“Our Joyful Feast” by George Wither
“Christmas” from “The Long Ago” by Jacob William Wright
“Silver Bells” by Hamish Hendry

Merry Christmas!

The Reader

TRR: Episode 16, “Christmastime is Here”
TRT: 39:59

The musical accompaniment for the show is provided through the kind generosity of
“Jingle Bells Piano Solo” by Kaveh. You can find more of Kaveh’s work on

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